Dear World!

Like 70 million people before me: “Hello, World!” ;D
LOL. That number probably isn’t even right any more. There are probably more :P.

I’m Niner (nee-ner). I’m 19 years old, AND I’M STILL ALIVE!!! So see, the world doesn’t end when you’re 16 if you don’t go to Prom or don’t get your driver’s license. (I never went to Prom, and I didn’t go through Driver’s ED until 17, but I’m alive, amazingly.)

OK, so I’ve tried this blogging thing before a time or two. The first time, I don’t even remember (it was for school), and the second time I tried a photo blog. (Nice photos, but still too much work somehow.) So this time through, I think I’ll go with a casual, anything that happens to be on my mind blog, and see how far it gets.

Some of the stuff you might see

I am writing a fantasy novel (hope I didn’t just jinx it), and I may put some or all of it in posts, eventually. **Taps fingers and looks away.** I am actually quite a ways through it, but I haven’t been getting it edited very quickly (aka, I haven’t told Mom that I really, absolutely NEED it done yesterday). But it is not a bad story, if I do say so myself, and it has been fun to work on it now and then. It has been at least a 9 year process. :P

So that’s one. Another thing I might post is bits and pieces from my daily Bible study. (Well… it’s supposed to be daily.) I wouldn’t hold my breath for any lightning bolts, but it could be interesting. I might also post stuff about sermons I listened to (with links if possible, of course).

You know all those annoying phrases you hear (“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”). I have fun with those, sometimes.

Lets see, what else can I warn you about… Oh, music! I’m not a world wide singer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express the other night (sorry, couldn’t resist). But really, I do love music, and I will probably post songs, You Tube links, and such ;).

More stuff about me

I was born and raised in central Illinois, among corn and beans… and corn… and beans. PLEASE note that central Illinois is NOT on the Wisconsin border!!! And that there IS more to Illinois than Chicago!! I’m NOT joking. People have been confused about said location. LOOK at a map, people!! Where was I? Oh yeah, corn and beans. In a lot of ways, I am a very country girl. (Don’t know that I would want to live in a city for very long.)

I was home schooled till the last year of highschool, and then I went to a community college, where I am in my second year and doing well. (I might talk about home school in a post or two, too.) I am working for an Associates in Science right now, but I haven’t picked a major yet. (Suggestions REALLY welcome.) I do need to pick one soon because, I am intending to go to a four year college after my Associates. Right now I am studying college algebra, chemistry, Spanish, and humanities. Some of the classes that I’ve finished are trigonometry, statistics, biology, and English. By far, my favorites have been the sciences and math. NOT English!!

I can’t sit at a desk all day (or on a couch). I am just one of those people that has got to move now and then. (No, it is not attention deficit disorder; I just like to be active.) In the summer, when I don’t get up early for classes, I run (last summer I got up to 4 miles). I have a black belt in karate, and when I get really bored, I’ll decorate a room or put new soil in a flower bed. (That is my current running project that I plan to complete by spring.)

I do art (I’ll share some of the pictures I’ve done later) and like home decorating and landscaping. And each Sunday, I try my best to have my homework done in time for FOOTBALL!!! (OH, by the way, “Tomboy” is a very good definition for me, but I will girl up now and then.)

Short mission statement

To help girls and boys and their parents to understand each other, and to praise God!

Enough stuff

OK, so that is a quick overview of what I’m like. My posts aren’t trying to be great English papers, so most of them will be written like this one, like I’m talking a BUNCH of good friends ;)

If you want more, then you need help. jk.

Thank’s so much for reading <3

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  1. This should be fun! I look forward to reading what you have to say.

    And yes, I do need to get editing on your story. Have 8 of those 9 years been just waiting for me to get around to it?

  2. No way!! That has only been the last year or two that you could have been editing. Most of those years went to building up the story ;)

  3. Betty Macke

     /  October 31, 2009

    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and am looking forward to more. I love your artwork and always liked your photos. I will put this into “my favs” and check it periodically.


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