The Best Things About Halloween

We never did the whole dress-up-for-Halloween thing at our house, and I’ve only done trick or treating once. Living out in the middle of nowhere, it is easy not to do anything (though we will buy candy, just in case ;)).

Candy and sweets

In the 1880s, this brilliant guy named George Renninger, who worked for the Wunderlee Candy Company, created candy corn. This candy is great because it is one of the few that will tell you a serving size is 21 pieces.

Mountain Dew comes out with a “new” drink around this time each year, too. I think I first saw it about four or five years ago, when it was called Pitch Black. This year it is Ultra Violet, but it is still good and now comes in diet ;). They keep this out till after Thanksgiving usually, and it is always some shade of purple.

And then, only now at this time each year can you buy a hand at Wal-Mart. Made out of gummy candy and various hard candies, it almost looked good enough to get (but I passed :P).

Other things

Scooby-Doo is good for any season, but this song is a classic for Halloween:

Then of course, the best part about this time of year is that God’s creation is showing its colors in beautiful scenes no artists can match and no photograph can completely capture.

Things to look out for

There are things that I find weird and a little scary during this time of year, too, and it is normally something to do with costumes. Now my Math professor dressing up as a cowboy is fine (he was kind of odd to begin with). But when the boy that sits three rows over from me comes in dressed in a mini skirt, black tights, and high heels you have to wonder about his sanity. The Math professor was sure that the high heels were damaging his brain somehow.

And only in America at this time of the year does Cinderella go to college (the rest of the year she is stuck in her rags cleaning kitchen floors).

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