Jumping Whale
(click for the big picture)

This is one of my BEST photos EVER!!!! \m/>.<\m/

My aunt and uncle took me on a whale watching trip while I was spending a week with them in Massachusetts. We took a boat out of New Hampshire, and that is where I got the shot.

Here’s the trick

Right before the whale came up out of the water, there was a circle of green that appeared in the water where she was going to come up at. (I remember that it was a she. I don’t remember her name, but she had had a few calves already.) This circle of green is made by air bubbles that she blew out to scare little fish, then she would come up from underneath them to catch them. Then in this picture, another girl, that had been traveling with the first one, came up for air and was just going back in when the first one decided it was time to eat. SO COOL!!!

The ONLY thing that would make this better is if the water was level in the back, but I can live with that.

Harvesting Beauty

Other pics

Each year when they harvest the beans (which, by the way, are not green beans, but soybeans), dust fills the air. Not sure why, but something about harvesting the beans kicks up a lot of dust, which kicks off my allergies. But it makes for a cool picture anyway.


The Midwest
(My Back Yard)

The colors in this picture are so beautiful, but the real thing is much more so! We might not have a lot of rolling hills or large lakes of water in central IL, but we do have the picture perfect billowing clouds, and they are all the more beautiful when God paints them pink and orange.


Last but not least is something else I found in my back yard. I must have taken 20 pictures of these mushrooms, but I think this one is the best (go figure—it was the first).

None of these are really related much (except that they’re all nature pics, I guess), but I hope you enjoy them anyway. You can click any of the pictures to see a bigger version. And don’t forget to look at the beautiful things that God has put around you!!

PLEASE be polite and don’t use these without mentioning me. And sorry if the pictures look jumbled. I have a wide screen and don’t always see what you do, but adjusting your window size should make it a little better.

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