Christmas Traditions

Even if we don’t notice it at times, we probably all have them… Christmas Traditions. Whether it’s in the kitchen, decorating the tree, a little of both, or something else altogether, we do it year after year… unless your tradition is to do Christmas differently each year ;D

My family has a few traditions, too. Most of them are not anything out of the ordinary. We decorate, we cook, we eat, and we hang gummi worms on the tree.

Gummi Worm Tree of 2009

Yes, there is a reason

When my oldest brother was two or three, he didn’t like candy canes. When Mom and Dad asked him what he liked, he told them: “Gummi Worms!!.” So ever since then, we have hung gummi worms on the tree — though we have also, most years, hung candy canes on it, too.

It really is a nice look, though. They look something like colorful icicles with the Christmas lights shining through them.

It’s something you can have the kids do

Though, in the last few years, little sister support has slacked off hanging the gummi worms, it used to be something that all of us kids worked on. (I wonder if that was because Mom didn’t want to do it all by herself.)

Anyway, it is easy to do:

What you need

All you’re going to need are gummi worms (original works best, but sour will be all right), wire ornament hooks, some little helpers (optional), and a tree. Before you omit the little helpers from this list, consider the following: Mom always had us help her put up the tree (even when we were more hassle than help), and one out of five kids has fallen in love and completely taken over her decorating job. She can now rest easy every winter because she let us put the balls and the gummi worms on the tree for her.

The process: Hook the worm, hang the worm, and now you’re done ;D. It’s that easy!! (OK, so I will never make it as a “paid programing” sales person. Big deal :P) I find that the best icicle look is created if you just hook the worm once through the head or tail (we aren’t going fishing with these worms, and we do want them to come off the hook). After you have done all this “hard” work, you can sit back and watch as, one color at a time, the worms are taken off the tree and eaten. (Green is usually the favorite, despite the fact that the colors do not affect flavor.)

**WARNING: If you have a weak stomach, please use caution while performing this project, as gummi worms are now made with heads!**

Have a worm Christmas

Along with looking cool, hanging worms on your tree is a great conversation starter. Even if you don’t do this, I hope you will enjoy whatever traditions that you do have. Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

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  1. “A great conversation starter” for sure! And, according to your little sister’s friends who stayed overnight, an excellent idea (especially the fact that they get to munch on them.)

    I like the way they glow in your photo.


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