My Boy!

Hank the Cowdog

He’s seven years old this year, and he is the cutest little thing on the planet! Though we call him “Puppy,” his real name is Picasso. (We got him from my art teacher ;)

Especially now that my brother got a new dog, we sometimes like to refer to them as Hank and Drover.

If Puppy were all brown instead of white with brown, he would look a lot like Hank, too. For anyone who does not know who Hank the Cowdog is, I feel very sorry for you. Someone has clearly slacked in your education. Hank the Cowdog is the Head of Ranch Security, and he is the only thing that keeps his ranch from running smoothly… I mean he keeps things running smoothly… well, it’s one of the two. No matter how hard he tries, the trouble always gets blamed on him, the only one capable of saving the day.

Joining him, with very little help to offer, is Drover. Whenever there is anything to do besides eating, sleeping, or taking the praise that should be Hank’s, Drover’s leg gives him too much pain even to walk. This means that when the coyotes attack or Wallace and Junior (the vultures) stop by for a visit, it is up to Hank to run and hide… I mean to fight them off.

The author of this amazing and hilarious book series, John R. Erickson, is a genius when it comes to writing these books. And they are for all ages to enjoy!! They also make really good Christmas gifts for some of the younger people in your family.

Except for the fleas (at least most of the time) and the marking of tires, Puppy is a lot like Hank. He can be our Head of Farm Security with his deputy… **cough cough** Sparkle.

The picture is a link to the website. PLEASE check it out, or at least check a book out of the library and give it a try ;D

My Hank
and my brothers Drover

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  1. Fun post! It makes me want to get a bunch of Hank books from the library. On tape, of course, so we can get the full effect of the songs! :)


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