And you can take that to the snowbank

The Doggies are wrestling

If you don't get covered in snow from head to toe, there is something WRONG

It doesn’t happen often, only one or two times a year, but if you don’t have to drive anywhere it can be fun!

In Central Illinois, we have hot summers, cold winters, and little snow. When it does snow, it usually drifts because there are few trees and nearly no hills to block the wind. With plowing apparently becoming a luxury this year, it has made driving hard. But as long as you don’t have to go anywhere, the snowbanks and drifts can be a lot of fun ;D

Things to do: snowball fights, snowmen, and wrestling with dogs. Even just rolling around in it can be fun!!

So Cute

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  1. Very cute pictures! Sparkle makes it look very deep there, doesn’t she?

    If only the wind would have stayed away. Drifts can be fun, but the related bare spots are just ugly…


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