All comments are being put in to spam for some reason. I don’t have time right now to fix it, so pleas be patient if I am slow moving your comments from the spam folder to the post, and thank you so much for posting!! <3

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  1. I wonder why it would do that. Oh, well, at least these sorts of glitches usually pass. If you keep having trouble, however, you should complain to the Support people.

  2. On the other hand, you do need to be aware that some comments that look real are actually spam. Be sure to check that the link doesn’t just go to some sort of advertisement, especially if the comment is very vague or doesn’t seem to fit the post they commented on.

    I remember when Kitten started her blog, she was excited to get her first spam comment, ’cause that meant she was a “real” blogger!

  3. We’re all good now!!

    Everyone’s posts are going where they belong… I think ;)


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