The Big <3

by seyed mostafa zamani

I haven’t posted in a while because of school. I’ve been sooooooooo busy!! :P But I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day slip by without a post, so here it is ;)

In Japan

Interesting fact that you might not know: In Japan, only girls buy Valentine’s Day gifts (at least that is the tradition). For February 14, a girl will buy a small box of chocolates for everyone male that she has much contact with (her boss, her co-workers) and then a nicer box for her boyfriend or husband. Don’t worry girls, White Day is around the corner! On March 14, one month from Valentine’s Day, the boys that got chocolate from girls now get a chance to give those girls a more expensive box of chocolates (or some other gift). These chocolates are normally in white boxes (since it’s “White Day”). Of course, the stores in Japan see all of this as a way to make money and therefore put out a boatload of displays, so that not even the most forgetful of the girls or boys can claim they forgot to pick up a present.

But don’t get wrapped up in it

I don’t think I have given or received more than one or two Valentine’s Day cards/gifts in the last ten years, and the ones I have gotten were from my best friend (not a boy). This is not to say that I really care about that. Rather, I would encourage you not to care about it if you don’t get much.

Don’t get worked up about getting everyone you know a Valentine, either. When you were in first grade, you might have made or bought something for everyone in your class, but, especially if you’re college age and have no money, there is no need to do that now. If you want, you can cut out hearts for your good friends. But unless you have one significant other that you want to go out with, I would suggest getting together with a few other friends that don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend. You can all chip in for a pizza and maybe eat a little candy and popcorn while watching a funny movie.

And if you are going out with a significant other, then don’t stay out too late. Between the roses, chocolate, and emotions that come with Valentine’s Day, too long of a date might not be a good idea. Hollywood has turned Valentine’s Day into Sex Day, but don’t fall into that!!! I pray that all young people would show some backbone and stay sex free till they are married! (NOT just until they are pretty sure… that this might be the one… in a few more years!!!!)

One last thing

I though that this video was pretty funny. It was featured on YouTube last year, so I searched high and low and found it for you ;) Hope it’s not just a chemist thing.

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