Annoying Little Bugs

No joking, this is what my To Do post-it note for last Saturday said:

by respres

Small group work
Math sheet
Chem. sheet
2 pages of Spanish
Vacuum lady bugs

Harmonia axyridis vs. Humanity

Though these are not technically lady bugs (rather they are Asian Lady beetles), I fail to see where this is going to directly affect me.

Anyway, I was talking about vacuuming. The best way that I find to get rid of lady bugs is to use the hose of the vacuum and suck them off of window, wall, and furniture. According to the United States Department of Agriculture the lady beetles like to overwinter in the walls of houses and then come out (sometimes into the living area of the house) when it starts to warm up. I don’t know how they prove this, because we have had a constant stream of bugs coming in since Fall :P

Maybe it is our curse for living in a house that is over 100 years old, but every few years it seems like we get a really bad swarm of the beetles coming into our home, and this Fall was worse than normal. And as soon as I am done vacuuming and turn to unplug the vacuum… there are five more lady bugs in the window!!!

The worst part is that they stink!!!!! REALLY BAD!!!! I don’t know how wide spread these lady bugs are, but in central IL they are no longer cute!!!! They stink like nothing should, and they bite and crawl over your bed!! Vacuuming is simply the best way to get rid of them, but you better have a can or two of air freshener to spray around, because the room that you vacuum and the vacuum itself will STINK!!!

Hmmm…. well, that really had very little help for any of you, but I felt like ranting about these annoying beetles! Be glad if you don’t know what I’m talking about or if you have less than five lady bugs in each window in your house!!

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  1. They arent that bad here, so they’re still cute…except for the stinking and biting part. We have a pest around our place at the moment…crazy ants. Also difficult to get rid of. But they dont bite.


  2. I have a friend that each Sumer her family would have to fight off ants (but they did bite :P)

    Last year they finally got rid of them… but I don’t know what they used… the vacuum might work on them too though ;)

  3. Texas is fire ant central! =(


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