The Enchanted Forest

Dealing with Dragons, Searching for Dragons, Calling on Dragons, and Talking to Dragons are the delightful books that make up the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede.

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Quick overview

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles follow the story of Princess Cimorene and her family and friends.

Cimorene is an improper princess who runs away and starts working for (you guessed it) a dragon. In the first book, Cimorene and friends have to save the day before the wizards make the wrong dragon king, and she finds an incredible use for soapy water with lemon juice.

In the next book, Mendanbar, the king of the Enchanted Forest, has to act quickly with Cimorene’s help to stop a possible war between the Enchanted Forest and the dragons. (Hmmm… A king that doesn’t want to get married, and a Princess who is improper… How do you think this will end?)

In the third book, Mendanbar’s magical sword is stolen, and it is up to Cimorene and her friends again to get it back. But the wizards are up to something no good!

And finally, the fourth book (which was actually published first), in which it is up to Cimorene’s child to save the Enchanted Forest and its king. Can he do it before all of the forest’s magic is stolen?

Five out of five stars

All four books are exceedingly funny!! And GREAT for ALL ages!!! And — if you couldn’t tell — I REALLY like them!!! ;)

Wrede is brilliant with her characters and story lines. Even when you know what will happen in the end because it is cliché, Wrede gives it a new look, making everything exciting again!! She doesn’t get to the end by the same road that everyone else takes. And while she is writing her own story, she is giving a shout out to all the great fairy-tale stories that have been around for so long.

My family has a copy of each book, and, even though I have NO idea when I’ll be moving out, I got the books for myself just so that I’d always have them.

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  1. I do love these stories. I wonder why no one has ever made a movie of them. I guess maybe the author won’t sell the film rights or something? Seems to me that they’d make a fun movie, but maybe she’s afraid of having the story Disney-ized.

  2. I am afraid of that… but at her website she only says that no one has bout the rights yet.

    I would love to act in it though ;)


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