We have fallen a little behind in my Calculus class, so we needed to make it up somehow. The teacher decided to do this by going 70 mph through THREE lessons on Monday! My brain was fried after that, and I went home and tried to do some of the homework from that class before I had to leave for karate that night. Today, we went at 80 mph through two more lessons, skipped one (that we still have homework for), and went 65 mph through another lesson that he thought was a little more important!

Now my brain is really fried, and I have a LOT of homework to do!!!

….. On the up side: Wednesday is the one weekday that we don’t meet for Calc., and I found this picture to share with you ;)

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  1. I am like a decade behind in calculus. =/

    • LOL, we were only two weeks behind, but some of the lessons we were doing were meant to take two or three days to get through.

      • I bet you’ll catch up in no time. =)
        As for me, my math days are over…math makes my head hurt.

      • LOL, ya I wish mine were over…but they never will be if I keep going with chemistry.

  2. Kitten

     /  April 5, 2010

    That picture is SO cute niner!


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