New Computer!! :D

I mentioned, I think, that I was looking for a new computer. Thought I might as well show you what I got… but first a little story:

Dad and I went shopping for a computer about a month ago or so. We looked at Sam’s Club, Best Buy, and Staples. Sam’s had some nice ones, but from what I had seen online at Best Buy, I knew that the prices were a little high.

Next we went to Best Buy. They had some really nice ones, and a few were at the right price. So we made a mental note of what they had and moved on. We tried to take a break at about this time and went to a new Japanese restaurant that cooks the food right at our table (that is really fancy for here  :D ). But there was going to be about a half hour wait for a table, and we still had other stores to go to after Staples, so we kept shopping.

At Staples, I was torn between two different makes: #1 a black, full keyboard, high memory/hard drive laptop; #2 a small, white, very light weight laptop, with reasonable memory/hard drive. Both were Toshiba, if I remember correctly.

Instead of the Japanese restaurant, Dad and I went to McD’s and talked about which of these two computers would be better for college. I decided on the white one, which was smaller. So we went to pick it up, and then went to Wal-Mart and home.

When we got home, I plugged in my computer and started looking at the manual (I hardly ever read manuals, but I sometimes look at the pictures). Suddenly a thought came to me that I had thought of in McD’s but forgotten to check. I picked up my new laptop and looked at all four sides…

“Hey, Dad?” I said.


“I don’t think this has a DVD player…”

Sure enough, after thinking in McD’s that I needed to check to make sure that it could play DVDs (an essential for my computer), I had completely forgotten to.

So we wrapped it up, and Dad returned it the next day. Thankfully, Staples took it back without requiring that it be traded for another computer or anything. And I looked on Toshiba’s website and found a better one.

Meet Alice

Same size, still white (which rocks, by the way), but a better processor, memory, and hard drive… And this one plays DVDs just fine. ;)

A week later Alice arrived:

And so far, I am very happy with her ;)

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  1. Hi Alice, how do you do? =)

    • HAHA!! She’s doing well ;D

      • Great! –Sounds like you had a nice time shopping with your dad =)

      • Yes. The most amazing thing that I can boast about in my teen years is that I never stopped enjoying hanging out with Mom, Dad, or any of my siblings. =)

  2. That is amazing. Its too bad more families dont enjoy each others company. During the teen years, in a messed up world, your family should be a haven. ~Its good you know how precious that relationship is! =)

  3. Alice is pretty cool! What I don’t understand, though, is why you abandon her and take over *my* computer for your Facebooking. ;) Are you just a fair-weather friend?

    • I feel like I’m more likely to get on and back off if I use yous… Mine I would just find more and more stuff to do on it and no one could kick me off ;)


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