Power Drinks

Power drinks have become a huge market that makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year. But do we need them? o.0

Yes or No (circle one) ;)

Which did you pick? If no, then you were right! If yes, then you were also right!

Enough game show talk…Let’s look at science

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Power drinks a) have water, b) have sodium, and c) have electrolytes. Your body needs all of these, and it also loses all three when you do a moderate to heavy workout. One brand of power drink isn’t better than all the rest either, so just look for your favorite flavor (just so long as it doesn’t have very much sugar in it).

But there are other places to get these from than just power drinks. With a healthy,well-balanced diet, all you need to drink after working out is water. So if you really don’t like any of the flavors of sport drinks, this is great news. Just make sure to eat healthy before and after you work out. (But give the meal before a few hours to digest.)

If you don’t think you are eating enough, or if you really like the way it tastes, then drink it (and also work on your diet plan). The important thing is that you get plenty of water, so if the flavor of the power drink will get you to drink more, go for it! You won’t be hurting anything.

But do NOT just drink power drinks all the time. They are not health drinks!! If you’re not working out, then you’re not losing the sodium or electrolytes fast enough to need them in the quantity that the power drink will give them. Power drinks are not made so that you don’t have to eat your vegetables.

One more thing. If you’re doing much weight training, then make sure to get plenty of protein that day. You can’t grow muscle if you don’t have adequate protein. (I would like to think that this was obvious… but I have learned not to assume anything.) Oh, and ah, don’t eat the bottle ;)

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