Wizard Staff

new bunny for a new garden

I think I might have mentioned before that I was re-doing the flower bed by my house. The first several weeks of spring I spent taking all of the dirt out, and then it took two days to fill it back in. :P

I have finally gotten all the flowers in, and they are starting to grow.

I had some tall flowers that needed to be tied to a post, so instead of buying something, or using one of the fence posts that I had lying around (and that don’t look very nice) I made a wizard’s staff.

What you’ll need

  • Plastic piping (maybe and inch in diameter)
  • Ball of some kind (I used a decorative end of a curtain poll)
  • Glue
  • Thin fence post that can fit inside the pipe
  • A lot of hot glue
  • Spray paint that will stick to plastic pipe (If you want something shinier as a top coat, you will still need a base coat that will stick to plastics.)

The process

Coat #1

Cut the pipe to the height that you want your wizard staff to be (mine were about five feet), and then glue the ball to one end. Spray paint the pole entirely with a base coat. (Click on any of the pictures to see them bigger.)

swirly :D

Once the paint is entirely dry, heat up your gun and start gluing. Either swirls, vines, or a unique pattern could look good.

After the glue has dried, you can put your top coat on. When the final coat has dried, you can give it to a kid to play with, or use it to hold up plants.

Put the fence post firmly in the ground and place the wizard staff over it, if you want to tie flowers to it.

Garden wizard staff

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  1. Cool project, and the flower bed looks great. =)


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