Though school seems to be taking up most of my time, there are a few things that I make a point of doing throughout the week. Art is one of these things…

I have been working with colored pencil lately. It is turning out to be really cool to work with. My art teacher (from whom I’ve been taking classes since forever) has been showing me her new method for making colored pencil look like a photo. (I’m maybe not there yet, but it is still really fun and easy.)  As much as I would like to tell you what this technique was, I can’t, sorry. :)





On this picture, I started with the girl on the left, then went to the girl on the right, and ended — more or less — with the girl in the middle. Since this with my first picture doing colored pencil this way, it isn’t surprising that each girl got a little easier to do and a little better done (smoother). This was a photo of the girls laying on a pillow, and the middle girl is holding the camera.


As fun as colored pencil is, I still like graphite best, so I have been working on a picture at home. I just recently finished it, so I thought I would throw it up here:


Playing, on a sunny afternoon



I finished this last one a while back, but never got it posted. I really enjoyed the doing this style of roof on these buildings, but I messed up on the layout of them. I guess that means I need to do more buildings, but I like people a whole lot more.




If you click on each picture, it will take you to a bigger version, then you can click on it again in different spots to zoom in. If you do this (and your eyesight is good enough), you can see a lot of detail that I worked hard to get in, such as the shingles on the roof, the bricks on the tallest building in the background, and a crack that is running down the other flat-topped building. You might also look at the sculpture over the right window.

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  1. These are beautiful! I don’t think I had seen the buildings until you posted it, but I’ve enjoyed watching the other pictures grow. You’ve worked hard at your art, and it shows.

  2. Hey,
    These are awesome!
    I haven’t worked in colored pencils since school, I like graphite more as well. Great job you have done on all of them =)

    • Thank you :)
      Ya, colored pencil is normally not to first think people would think of when you say advanced art class, but it can be done really well. The ones my teacher did look like photographs they are so detailed!

      • You’re welcome =)
        I think so too, any medium can produce cool art. -Nothing wrong with colored pencils.

  3. jaypeabea

     /  November 17, 2010

    Life gets SUPER busy the older you get (and thereby more responsibilities you have). I’m really glad you’re TAKING TIME OUT of all the craziness to continue enjoying something you love – particularly art. Keep up the great work.

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