Cross Cultural

I’m a big fan of cross-cultural stuff. Food, stories, music… Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian… It’s all good :) (Or, at least, it’s all worth a try!)

About a month or two ago, I found my new favorite band:

Enter 2PM

Kun, Wooyong, Chansung, Junho, Junsu, and Teac

Yes, that is the name of the the band: 2PM! There is also a 2AM (sorry couldn’t find good link), but they sing more ballads and don’t dance.

2PM is a South Korean band that has grown BIG in Asia.

Since most people that I try to explain it to just give me an odd look, I’ll skip to the part where I show you how great they are. (If you need English translations, they are under the videos, but I thought it was pretty clear what they were singing about.)

Without U (pay attention for the members playing the piano at the beginning of the actual song, not the intro):


The members are Teacyeon (the leader, and the lead rapper), Chansung, Wooyong, Junho, Junsu (lead vocalist), and Nichkhun (who is actually from Thailand, not Korea). There was also Jay Park, but he is no longer with the band.

This next one was the first video I saw. It was in YouTube’s most popular music section for maybe a day (I don’t really remember), and I clicked on it. (Which is something I never do! I always go to YouTube to look for something specific, not to browse.) From the moment I saw it, I was hooked…

I’ll Be Back:


I also really like Heartbeat and Follow Your Soul.

You might have heard of the Wonder Girls (who did Nobody). 2PM is from the some company (JYP Productions).

Anyway, hope you enjoy 2PM at least a little bit! Have a great year!! <3

Follow Your Soul

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