A More Elegant Memo Board

They weren’t any harder to make, but they look slightly less playful and slightly more professional.

These are the French memory boards that I made for my older sister. (These are excellent Christmas gift ideas. ;)  I matched them to the color of her wall and the color of her curtains, so that she would have some fluidity to her room. But even if the colors weren’t the same, these look less playfully teenish than the ones I made for myself. (In the picture, the wall appears blue, but it is really a minty green.)

D.S.’s memo boards

My sister likes fantasy novels, and her taste in jewelry usually shows that by having medallions, birds, and odd symbols. While I was looking for the right buttons, I wandered into the  jewelry-making aisle (is there a better name of that?? lol), and I found some inspiration. On each board, in the corner, I put a small collection of beads, trinkets, and medallions. The ones I used were pre-made, but if you like making jewelry, then you could create your own to make the board that much more unique.


A Tree!

The butterflies  weren’t exactly buttons, but they worked.

For instructions on how to make a French memory board or to see the other ones that I made, click here. The process is the same for these boards — it’s just the material that you choose and how you cut the board that changes.

I’ve seen memo boards hanging in offices, bedrooms, family rooms, and kitchens. They all look great!


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  1. Hi niner =)
    Very cool!! The jewelry really adds a nice detail.


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