Chicken Wrap

I’m sure this is not much of a new or ground-breaking rendition of an old recipe, but it is SOOO good!

What I put in

(This can be fixed to your own taste. It is very flexible.)

oooey-gooey gooodness :)

  • 1/2 cup chicken, cooked (chopped in long strips is how I like it)
  • good pinch of bacon bits
  • 2 T ranch salad dressing
  • handful of shredded cheese
  • (or 2 T of nacho cheese w/ 1 T of ranch makes it ooey-gooey good :)
  • Mixed veggies chopped into long stripsĀ  (I like sweet onions and bell peppers, but I have tried celery, bean sprouts, carrots, and lettuce and liked them all, though the celery is a little stringy.)
  • one tortilla (I like Santa Fe Tortilla’s Homestyle Whole Grain Tortillas because they are not as stiff as normal tortillas. If I have one trick for the wrap, this tortilla is it!)
  • Hot sauce may also be good on this wrap ;)

(The picture has bean sprouts, carrots, and onions, and I used the nacho cheese.)

What I do

Put the chicken, bacon, ranch, cheese, and (if you don’t like a strong onion taste) the onion in a microwave-safe bowl/plate, and heat them for 35-45 seconds. It will be hot, but it will cool down quickly once you add the veggies.

Dump the chicken onto the middle of the tortilla, add your veggies (feel free to put a lot on), and attempt to fold. I normally fold over one side, then the two ends, and then finally roll the wrap over the last side… but this is not always a success :/ My wraps are normally 75% veggie, 5% sauce, and 20% chicken… though the sauce may take up a bit more than that :)

I think this is around 310 Cal… but I wouldn’t know :)

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