Spring… Maybe…?

by FrenchSelfCatering.com

I love winter, and I enjoy the cold… but when it gets to about mid-March, and the temperature fluctuates from 30 degrees to 60 degrees and back again all in the span of three days, even I get sick of it and am ready for spring to get here!

But since I can’t control the weather, how about some good news to brighten your day? (Or, at least, it brightened my day :). I was accepted last Wednesday to the school of chemistry at the University of Illinois, and I’m so exited!! I have half a semester left at my community college and then a full summer break before I start at the U of I. (Or at least as full of a summer break as it can be, while working and taking any babysitting opportunity that comes up ;)

Now that I’ve been accepted, the real paperwork begins, as I have financial aid forms to  fill out, scholarships to sign up for, and loans to apply for ( :( for that last one).

While I’m at it, there are 7-plus dorms that I can choose from, classes that I need to decide on, things that I need to buy for my dorm room, churches that I need to look up if I want to visit them, and, wait, was that homework for physics due this week or next week?? (U of I has a lot more dorms that just seven, but dorms like the six pack have several dorms that a essentially the same.)

On the upside, since my sister went there, I already know my way around the campus and campus town fairly well and shouldn’t get too lost once I get there.

Creamy Fudge

Despite all the paperwork that is keeping me inside, I have made it back up to a 4.5 mile run, and I am hoping to get all the way to 9 miles this year (not too far, but a decent distance, hahaha). I don’t expect everyone to run, but please get out and enjoy God’s creation with a daily walk or bike ride. Don’t let the rain stop you! Need a bribe to get you motivated? Here’s an easy creamy fudge recipe that won’t undo all the work you just did to burning calories.

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  1. The fudge was really good! What confuses me, though, is where the “1g fiber” could have come from…

  2. Congratulations on being accepted at U of I.
    –It can be hard on a young persons faith in college.
    “…they face – in many cases – a militantly secular attack on their Christian faith. It is no exaggeration to say that education has been hijacked by people who utterly oppose Christianity.”

    Best wishes to you, and stay strong!

    • Thank you so much!
      I have comfort in knowing that my small group will be praying for me, and that there are a lot of churches to choose from (my friend that went to a college in a smaller city couldn’t find a church she liked :( … )
      Thank you for the reminder to keep my guard up and my faith strong!


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