21 Things I Did When I Turned 21

I turned 21 last Tuesday, and the celebration lasted about a week… or at least, everyone wished me a happy birthday on Tuesday, and on Friday I celebrated with my family, so I was celebrating all week, even if no one else was. ^_^

So here is a list  of 21 things that I did during the week, starting on Tuesday and going, more or less, in chronological order. Some of them aren’t really that exciting… but others were funny, to me, at least.


1. Woke up Tuesday morning with a big smile on my face because it was finally warm enough to leave my window open all night. (I love waking up to fresh air!!)

Sweet Peas are the April flower :)

2. Went to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. No, I didn’t skip Thursday. I am just lucky enough not to have class on that day this semester.

3. Had a great time with my friends at school. On Tuesday, one of my friends (we’ll call him Bob) sat down in the chair next to me in the cafeteria with a McD’s bag. Bob pulled out his fries, and I tried reaching for one, but he pulled it out of my reach and said, “No, my fries!”

And the other two friends at the table (one of which was my younger brother) were like, “Hey, it’s her birthday!”

“Really?” Bob said, sounding skeptical, and everyone said together, “YES!”

So Bob, feeling bad, reached back into his McD’s bag and brought out one of the fries that always fall out of the cardboard container, and he handed it to me with a “Here you go.” Then Bob pulled out three McChicken sandwiches and asked if anyone wanted one, and my brother immediately grabbed at it… and I was left eating my fry… hahaha. I really enjoy my friends!!

4. After lunch, I had a chem lab. We were doing titration, and we had a base that we were slowly dripping into an acid until the indicator changed colors. The base we were adding was NaOH, and, as our lab manual pointed out, “concentrated NaOH solution is extremely corrosive and will cause severe skin removal!” So I was using a buret and dropping this unknown concentration of NaOH into the acid (we knew the concentration of the acid and were testing the base).

Anyway, I was working with the dropper, being very careful to not let more than a drop of NaOH go into the acid at a time…. and all the sudden, the dropper comes off, and the NaOH that was in the buret dumped all over my hands and into the acid! Everyone at my table kind of gasped and froze for a bit, then as I start to turn on the sink, I get a couple, “Are you OK?”s.

Don’t worry! I was fine! We cleaned up, and I changed the dropper out for a different tip… I restarted the experiment…. and did it AGAIN!!

What are the odds that, on the day that I turn 21, I dump NaOH on myself TWICE!!! Luckily for me, the concentration (when we finally got to the end of the experiment) was only 0.1552 M (very weak), and my hands were in no way hurt… though the skin did feel a little dry after washing my hands so many times, LOL.


5. On the way home, I rocked out to 2PM on Main Street during rush hour. \m/>.<\m/

6. I got home, and after a very delicious supper, I made everyone a bowl of ice cream, so we had something to celebrate with on the actual day.

birthday ice cream

7. After dinner, I watched Tangled with some of my family. I really liked that movie. I wasn’t expecting much the first time I saw it, but after a slightly long setup, it is a very good movie.

8. I got a call from my bestest friend halfway through the movie, and so I had to make everyone wait while we talked for a bit. She now lives a good two and a half hours away at her college, so we don’t get to see each other very often, :( , so when we talk, we tend to talk for a while… Don’t worry, though, I didn’t make da fam wait too long… and I called my friend back later… while she was watching a movie. :)

9. Final thing for Tuesday: I read Ruth before going to bed… not for any particular reason, that was just where I was in my reading plan.


10. Had to get up early for physics lab Wednesday.

11. After lunch, I was working on homework in the cafeteria at the same table as a group of friends (yes, I was actually getting work done), and one of them got up to go to class. I saw that he was carrying a Subway bag, so I said: “Hey, I could take that off your hands.” So he handed it to me, warned me that he had eaten off the end so I might want to tear that off, and then he walked off. I’ve never had a free six-inch before!! :D

12. My brother came over to our table about ten minutes after everyone left and was really upset that I got the “huge sandwich,” even though he had gotten the McD’s sandwich the day before!!

13. Wednesday night, some of the fam watched A Beautiful Mind with me. I had game theory earlier this semester in econ class, so John Nash’s name had come up, as had the movie. I hadn’t seen the movie before, so we got it from the library. It was really good!

14. I also started writing this post Wednesday night, because I knew I would never keep it all straight if I didn’t.


15. Thursday, this semester, I don’t have any classes, so I did homework.

16. Played some online games. I’m not a big gamer, but now and then I like to get away from reality… and homework.

17. Driving home from art class (not a college course, but just something I enjoy), I had to stop for six deer to cross the street. This isn’t anything new around my house, but it was the first for this year.


18. Friday, I got up for school in time to make a nice sandwich for myself :) …… and my brother…. :\

19. Was informed by a friend that he would pay me $4 for a foot-long of the sandwiches that I made.

20. Had homework in two of my classes, but couldn’t find the right link for one of the classes (all the homework for that class is online). So I got to class and was informed by another student that it was on a very small link because the other link wasn’t working. So I had to do that really quickly after class. The assignment was tracking the tour of a band or comedy show or something…. that was it… just had to track their stops… oh well, it was easy…

21. Left from school to pick up my older sister, went to a Vietnamese restaurant for my birthday dinner with the family, and then went home for pound cake with fruit and a nice cold drink of… sparkling grape juice… :)


It was a wonderful week and I really enjoyed it!

Though drinking is traditional on a 21st birthday, I didn’t miss not doing it. I have nothing against drinking, but I also don’t see any great benefit from it. It’s bad for your liver and for your skin, but to each his own… as long as he doesn’t get drunk!

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  1. Hey Niner,
    Happy Birthday! Glad you had a wonderful week =D


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