New Coat of Paint

Sorrrry! I meant to start posting again right after finals were over, but I failed :(

I have good excuses though. :D Want to hear them??


  1. I had to get a whole bunch of paperwork done before U of I Registration Day.
  2. U of I Registration Day took up… well… the whole day.
  3. I had some paperwork to do after Registration Day (including re-signing up for one class and signing up for a new class that I ended up dropping two days later, cuz I decided I didn’t need 17 hours my first semester at U of I).
  4. Going over to Galesburg to see my best friend graduate from her college (Knox), which is only about a 3 hour drive… but I was up there for almost a week, hanging out with her and then helping her move back home after graduation.
  5. When we got back, we had to turn around and get her ready to go to Europe for three weeks. (Her graduation gift to herself. Where does she find the money for it?… I don’t know!)
  6. And finally, I have been repainting the dining room.

I forgot to take any pictures that were just of the dining room before I got started, but it was all white, no curtains but a LOT of bookshelves. (We like books…. and have a LOT of them!!)

What I did to the place:

I would hate to break with tradition, so I picked out a color that Mom, and a few other family members, did not particularly like. :) It was a bright, lime-ish yellow-green. (Looks a bit like the color in a key lime pie, now that I think of it :)

the cats like to keep a close eye on me

or was that a closed eye??

So there are my younger brother’s and sister’s cats, sleeping right in the way of where I was trying to paint. Their other favorite spot to sleep is on top of all the furniture that we put in the middle of the room — or, for grey kitty, under all the furniture that we put in the middle of the room (because the other kitties like to attack her, and she feels safer underneath something).

I’ve been working on this room for just over a week now. First day was just moving the many, many bookshelves into other rooms or into the middle of the room. Then I started the painting, and if there is one thing that I would suggest after painting 6 rooms, it would be: BUY THE THICKER BLUE TAPE!! It comes in SOOO handy! I know that the tradition is to get the blue tape that is like one-inch thick, but I am telling you, go with the two-inch-thick stuff! It will save you time because you don’t have to be careful that you’re not going to go past the tape! I still put two layers of it around the floor and ceiling, just because the roller has a mind of its own and likes to bounce off the wall, over the trim, and onto the ceiling.

My other suggestion would be to buy the foam roller replacements. They are cheap, so you can throw them away, but they hold a lot of paint and put it on in an even coat, even on textured walls. (Though our walls are so bumpy that it is hard to get any roller to cover all of it :(

It looks like it will be a few more days before it’s done, but I will post the final pictures soon.

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