Picnik is CLOSED (T-T), but please try PicMonkey, it has most of the same effects!
I was on fb, looking at a friend’s photos (which looked absolutely AMAZING!!), and when I asked her what editor she used, she said Picnik, and that I would really like it, too. She was right!

Just a quick fix up

There are two different ways to use Picnik… or three I guess, depending on how you count them…

There is a free version, which you can either create an account for, or not. If you create an account, it will remember the last few photos that you worked on, but that is the only added thing you get for logging into the free part.

You can also pay for membership and get a lot of “premium” extras. Some of these effects are really cool, like changing the eye color, putting texture into the picture, and chopping up the picture to look like puzzle pieces. And for all of what you can do, the price really isn’t that bad… though I haven’t actually ever gotten it, because I am a poor college student who can make do with free stuff… :D

The upgrade is very cool, but you can do a lot with just the free part, too:

Before Picnik

after applying Orton-ish effect

I like to use Picnik for quick jobs like this, and you can play with the intensity of effects to get a large range of looks. I like to go fairly intense on some some photos (like the one above), blurring the edges and giving it a rather unreal look.

Lomo-ish effect

1960's effect

Something a little more fun

You can put in stickers and words, and with so many fonts in the free category, I don’t know if you’ll ever need the premium fonts.

another picture taken while I was repainting the dining room, with the Cross Process effect

pure fun :)

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