Finishing Up the Dining Room

In A New Coat of Paint, I said that I was repainting the dining room. Well, I’m done! I have the curtains up and most of the furniture back in place.

Here are some pictures of the final product:

South wall

I plan to put an area rug in front of the desk on the left, and I think I need a chain or rope to bring the hanging plant down a little further. I would also like a new chandelier, but that is a little more involved. :)

East wall.

That is not an outside door, it leads in to the sun room. It used to be a porch, but now we just have windows from one room into another, which I think is really cool.

In the tanks on the left are Junior (the new snapping turtle) and Sarek (our black rat snake).

bonus picture :D

This is the view out of the south window. We had this tree taken down several years ago, and since it was hollow, we left it in the yard. We played in it when we were kids, and now it is a dog house. The dogs don’t even smash my flowers when they are getting in and out :)

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  1. It looks great! I love the color. :]

    • Thank you! Most of the people in the house were freaking out a how bright it is… but I think I have them convinced now :)


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