Donations and Volunteering

Puppy and I do not see eye to eye when it comes to donating. Through rigorous web searching and calculating, we have agreed that the best charity for him to donate to is Homes for Humanity: Bird Division. He likes to skip writing the check and go straight to supplying the raw material. He provides the soft fur lining for the birds’ nests.

So what are we fighting over? How and When to donate.

Puppy believes in small, but numerous, donations throughout the year. I, however, would prefer him to make two or three large donations, believing that this is a more thorough application of his resources.

I also like this method because I can match it with my volunteering. I like to volunteer for the clean water program, which brings fresh, cool water (and soap) to the dying grass in my backyard. I wish I could share pictures of Puppy’s and my hard work, but my hands were too goopy! But imagine a big pile of fur off to one side after brushing him, and this picture would capture the spirit:

By minicooper93402

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