College Diaries: Day 1

Buddy and Penguin chilling after a hard day's work of moving in.

Moving-in day was hot, humid, and crowded… and a little confusing. But a friendly group of four or five people helped me and my sister move my stuff inside, and after I got my key, I went to the seventh floor and was relieved to see my name on the door.

That was 1:30-ish. It then took me till 10 to finish unpacking everything, but I finally have a place for all my stuff and even found a few minutes to sit down and, after Facebooking of course, write a bit of this post. These 8 1/2 hours were broken up by dinner with my roommate and some of her friends, and by a floor meeting. The take-away point that I got from the floor meeting was, “DON’T set anything on fire!!!”

My roommate is from the UK, so that is really cool! We already found a GREAT similarity: We both LOVE The Importance of Being Earnest. A very wonderful and funny movie that I would recommend highly!! Haha, I think we will get along fine!

Anyway, I think I’m off to explore the dorm, see ya!

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