College Diaries: Day 2

Boy did I chose the WORST day to forget my camera on!!

Today was the convocation. Not only is it most likely the only time I will ever see these 7,000 students in one building, but we broke the world record for the biggest smoothie. It was a delicious 345-gallon tub of strawberries, yogurt, and pineapple juice. The smoothie had 690 lb strawberries, 1,035 lb. yogurt, and 99 gal pineapple juice.


The day started out by cramming 12 or 15 girls into one elevator. Luckily we all wanted to go to the same floor, but it would keep stopping on other floors and more people would climb on. When the computer stalled at floor #2 we all held our breath, then the doors opened and the screen said #1. There was an audible sigh of relief.

At convocation we were reassured, by an anthropologist who studies Mayans, that the world would not end in 2012 (or whatever day that the calendar ends on). We were also told that our class had some of the highest test scores that the college has seen…. but I have to wonder if that isn’t something they say to make us feel better… :\ From there we went to Memorial Stadium and watched the band, cheerleaders, and a few sport teams while eating lunch.

It was hot and sticky, but fun :) and we got our picture taken with us in a giant “I”. (But I can’t find this picture online anywhere, so I can’t share it with you :(

Anyway, we had some college meetings and a late night at the Union to go to, so our day was filled up… all the way into the next day.

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