College Diaries: First Week

Found it!

This photo was taken during welcome week. It isn’t even close to all the freshmen, but it’s a few of us (and :P to all the people who walked out AS we were all going down to take the picture!! stinking party-poopers.) But since I couldn’t find this photo earlier, I thought I would throw it in here. I got it from the U of I facebook page.

On to the first week

Anyway, We have now made it through the first week of classes, and what a week it was. First day, I had a class moved to a building that I hadn’t even heard of before, hurt my tooth on a frozen Skittle, and was half an hour late to my first organic chem lab.

It might not be a fact widely known, but Skittles freeze REALLY quickly!! They couldn’t have been sitting on the frozen yogurt more than half a minute, but they were like eating rocks. Now it feels like something is stabbing  my mouth when I eat/drink something cold :(

After Math I have 10 minutes to get to my next class (org. chem), and that is plenty of time to get to the building and up to the third floor, where the class was supposed to be… but when I got there, there was a sign on the door with the initials of a new building and the room number in that building where the class had been moved. I finally found someone to ask and got to the room only a few minutes late. The class definitely would not have fit in that first room! Several people had to sit on the floor of the lecture room that we moved to as it was, and the first room was not a lecture room at all.

As for the late lab, I somehow messed up the “time for class to start” time as the “time to leave my doorm” time. I was sitting at my desk, happened to glanced at my scheduled, and realized that I had to be at the lab in five minutes. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. Waiting for the elevator, I realized that I had left my lab coat and goggles on my desk, and I wouldn’t be allowed in the lab without them. I ran back to my room, stuffed them in my bag and ran back to the elevator. The bus seemed to take forever to start going, and it seemed to stop everywhere!! But I eventually got there. The TAs didn’t really seem to mind, and once we started the experiment (which, being the first lab, I hadn’t missed any of), I was fine and could relax. But that was not my best day…. The laboratory is really cool, though!!

It’s the first weekend now, but that doesn’t lighten my load much. I have a LOT to read, homework to do, and suggested problems that wouldn’t be a bad idea to work through. So much for partying on the weekends, lol.

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  1. No partying allowed! Well, maybe a little…
    I noticed your rate-of-posting is inversely proportional to your rate-of-homework. Hope you’re settling in well!

  2. Haha, yes, I’m sure it is!!

  3. Sounds exciting. –Sorry about the tooth part though.


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