Three Seasons, One Building

Seasons are changing….. or at least they are supposed to be… The first day of autumn is the 23rd :) Maybe we will soon be out of this 90-100 degree weather!!

I took these pictures over a span of about three years. (How on earth do I not have one in spring? NO IDEA!)

This is our garage, one of them anyway. With ten acres, we have room for a few garages and several barns. Since it is summer, it doesn’t make much sense to wait till next spring to write this post just so that I can get a fourth season in. So here you go:




Not a lot to say — just thought I would share these pictures with you.

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  1. You posted this, and it worked like magic! Today, I’m cuddled up in a sweater and sleeping bag. :)

    I think the winter picture is my favorite, with the fluffy blobs of snow. In the others, the relatively-new roof looks out of place on the rusticly-aged building.


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