College Diaries: Dorm Baking

About two months into the semester, one of the things that I was missing the most was baking. All the leaves were changing colors, and it was starting to cool down a bit. That is usually when I start baking everything I can find a recipe for. :)

Mom to the rescue!

About the same time I was missing having an oven, Mom sent me an e-mail with a link to a peanut butter cup recipe that only needed the microwave. first thing after midterms, I cooked them up for my Bible study small group. I don’t know if I can really call it baking… But I can definitely call it YUMMY!!

Easy Peanut Butter Cups Recipe!

(click on the picture to get the recipe).

I whipped these up in maybe half an hour. (I had to do some things, like melting the chocolate, twice, because of the  size of my microwavable bowls), and everyone loved them!!  The best part of baking is watching other people enjoy what you make!

I swirled the chocolate on top into the peanut butter just a bit.

You should try these. They were really easy and so good!

I was having trouble getting the globs of chocolate to spread once it had cooled down, so I used the tip of my spoon to swirl it into the peanut butter…. Just a warning: this job is a bit messier than it sounds at first :\ haha

Anyway, my small group loved them, and so will you!

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