College Diaries: This isn’t a game… is it?

I feel like I’m in a computer game. I am on the next-to-last level, facing the last three small bosses before the big boss at the end… I just need to survive the ruthless attacks with enough hp to face finals week! Goal of the game? To make it to Christmas. Luckily, there are a lot of health packs lying around, including Christmas music, hot chocolate, and random snacks. And there are, of course, friends who — if nothing else — encourage you along the way!

LOVE Claw... might just have to see if I can get it working again over Christmas break!


This has been a crazy first semester for me! Harder classes, new friends, a great church and small group, and a new-found use for caffeine.

I never thought that I would become one of the college zombies that survive on caffeine instead of sleep… but I have :( It just takes a whole lot LESS to keep me going than the other zombies. (^-^) One normal cup of joe, and I am bouncing off the walls! I just need a tiny amount to get me past the 7:00-9:00 o’clock hours, then I am good for the rest of the night (until about 8 in the morning, when my classes start).

Ok, so this was a kind of pointless post, but it is a good break from studying… for me anyway…. NOW, back to work!

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