College Diaries: Second Semester

I’m half way through my second semester and trying not to run out of energy before spring break. The time has gone by crazy fast! Sorry I haven’t written since forever! There hasn’t been a whole lot going on — same old, same old here in the college universe… oh, but there was that one thing that was kind of big……

A few life changes

I decided on a minor in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)… unfortunately I decided on this three weeks into the semester, so I had to jump into a linguistics class and an ESL (English as a Second Language) class on the last day that I was allowed to add a semester-length class. It was crazy trying to catch up with the work, but now the ESL is my favorite class :D

The other thing is that I am actually thinking of teaching *gasp* as a career option! haha. I never thought that I would want to teach chemistry, but as I thought about it, I realized that I didn’t really want to do anything else with it either… so I might as well teach it….. or I might just take that TESL certificate and run off to some other country to teach English for a year or two. ^_^  Ah, too many options to choose from.

Other stuff so that this won’t be a boring post

OK, I admit that I don’t have anything planned to put here…. So how about some doodles! :D The first is a doodle that I did during world religions class :D

I didn't mean to give her a black eye :\

I had only the left side of the face drawn first and the I decided that I wanted the other side, but I couldn’t match up the eyes right, so now one eye looks like someone punched it, and it is STILL smaller than the other one :/

To fix this, I did some editing on Picnik :D

.... is it too much?

I mean if your favorite photo editor is going to close down soon, and you’re going to edit a photo anyway, you might as well go all out on that photo, right? haha…. hum, maybe I should just go back to doing coffee cups…

a coffee cup on a coffee cup

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