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If you liked the French memory boards, you’ll love these. I was stumbling around the internet, and I found these amazing projects. I just had to share  ^_^

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This is great! My jewelry is always in a knot in a box (if not in a knot on my dresser *taps fingers together and looks away*). I love this idea!

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I know you want to

I do not own enough makeup to justify doing this…. though I am sure there are countless other things this board could be used for. Here is one more link, with more of these lovely magnet boards!! :D Chem them out!!


College Diaries: Second Semester

I’m half way through my second semester and trying not to run out of energy before spring break. The time has gone by crazy fast! Sorry I haven’t written since forever! There hasn’t been a whole lot going on — same old, same old here in the college universe… oh, but there was that one thing that was kind of big……

A few life changes

I decided on a minor in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)… unfortunately I decided on this three weeks into the semester, so I had to jump into a linguistics class and an ESL (English as a Second Language) class on the last day that I was allowed to add a semester-length class. It was crazy trying to catch up with the work, but now the ESL is my favorite class :D

The other thing is that I am actually thinking of teaching *gasp* as a career option! haha. I never thought that I would want to teach chemistry, but as I thought about it, I realized that I didn’t really want to do anything else with it either… so I might as well teach it….. or I might just take that TESL certificate and run off to some other country to teach English for a year or two. ^_^  Ah, too many options to choose from.

Other stuff so that this won’t be a boring post

OK, I admit that I don’t have anything planned to put here…. So how about some doodles! :D The first is a doodle that I did during world religions class :D

I didn't mean to give her a black eye :\

I had only the left side of the face drawn first and the I decided that I wanted the other side, but I couldn’t match up the eyes right, so now one eye looks like someone punched it, and it is STILL smaller than the other one :/

To fix this, I did some editing on Picnik :D

.... is it too much?

I mean if your favorite photo editor is going to close down soon, and you’re going to edit a photo anyway, you might as well go all out on that photo, right? haha…. hum, maybe I should just go back to doing coffee cups…

a coffee cup on a coffee cup

Finishing Up the Dining Room

In A New Coat of Paint, I said that I was repainting the dining room. Well, I’m done! I have the curtains up and most of the furniture back in place.

Here are some pictures of the final product:

South wall

I plan to put an area rug in front of the desk on the left, and I think I need a chain or rope to bring the hanging plant down a little further. I would also like a new chandelier, but that is a little more involved. :)

East wall.

That is not an outside door, it leads in to the sun room. It used to be a porch, but now we just have windows from one room into another, which I think is really cool.

In the tanks on the left are Junior (the new snapping turtle) and Sarek (our black rat snake).

bonus picture :D

This is the view out of the south window. We had this tree taken down several years ago, and since it was hollow, we left it in the yard. We played in it when we were kids, and now it is a dog house. The dogs don’t even smash my flowers when they are getting in and out :)

Cut It Up

I like scrapbooking, though I don’t get much done when I am going to school. When I do get around to it, I do a lot of pages in a short amount of time. This means I need to come up with something new for each set of pages that I do, because I hate repeating myself. (Each memory should get something special!) Sometimes a different background is enough, but when I start running out of ideas, I get the scissors and cut up anything and everything I can find that might look good.

One of my favorite things to cut up are the pictures. ^-^

How I decide what to cut

It changes from picture to picture, but, at least for photos of people and animals, it all starts the same way.

I’ll use this picture by mikebaird as an example. To show you what I think about before cutting, I’m going to draw some lines over the original picture.

Thinking about the cuts

I start by boxing in the part that I want to focus on, I’ve done that in red here. in general, this should be the biggest box, because that will bring attention to it when it is on a page filled with glitter and flowers.

After I had drawn the red box, I started thinking on how I would cut up the rest. The first thing that I decided was the purple box. It looks good in the picture as a whole, but for what I want it will have to go.

The blue box is big enough that, if I want, I could cut it in to small squares or rectangles and use it, but it is also unimportant enough that I could throw it away as well. the area with the purple and blue is will most likely go with the purple box, but I’m leaving that option open.

I have a few examples of how I might cut this up (hopefully, it does not look too confusing). The blue boxes and the big red box are the ones I would keep in both of these cases. If you click on any of these pictures you will get a bigger picture to look at (highly recommended ;).

GAAAH!! You cut off her arm!!

Option #2

The important thing to remember while you’re cutting is that, when you put it on a page, it is going to have a gap in between each square. DON’T FREAK OUT if things aren’t lining up perfectly right away. If you wanted perfection, then you shouldn’t have cut the thing!! Adding one or two more cuts and making sure the gaps are equal will normally fix any line-up problem. Also, don’t try anything too hard, too fast!

In the first option, I left the top piece on and cut it into 5 equal pieces. You could take or leave the part that the purple box shares with the top blue box. The important thing is that you line the ends up after it is cut, so that you still have a rectangular picture. In the second option I cut off everything with purple around it, then I used bigger boxes. The big blue box balances the big red one, without taking away from the focal point because it is all empty space.

I ended up doing something in between these two options.

Slice and dice it

Here is the final product, cut up and matched with this photo by Poi photography (which I also cut up). Notice that the part I wrote on is just the top of the picture that the boy came from. Again, you can click on the image to see it close-up. All my page needs now is some bedazzling along the ribbon and a few cute stickers. :)

Fun In The Sun This Summer

As I had planned, I cut off the left side of the girls’ photo first. After that, I cut as much as I wanted off of the top and used that strip to measure both of the side strips. (You don’t what to use the first side strip to measure the second one, or the second one will be too big!) After I cut the large piece that was left into three equal pieces, I had to cut the two side strips a few times. This was so I could line the bottom of the picture up, as well as lining up the fence and the girl’s arm.

Use the top to measure the sides

See da top, it doesn't work! :O

So when I laid it out the first time was when I saw that, if I made her arm line up, the fence didn’t line up (and vice versa, of course). Also, on the top, if I lined up her head, the top line does not reach the far side of the picture. At first I cut two smaller squares off the top piece to line up with the two side pieces, but in the end I decided that it looked better with a flower there instead. :)

With the boy, I cut all of what you see into one big rectangle, turning it from a portrait-style to a landscape-style and keeping the top to write stuff on. After I had the picture the size I wanted it to be in the end, I used the paper cutter board to cut out the frame. (It just takes a little work to make sure you do not cut all the way through the frame, but rather cut a smaller box out of your first box. Or you could use an Exacto knife with a ruler.) Once the frame and the inside section are separated, you just need to cut a little off each side of the inside piece, and then you glue down the frame and put the now-smaller rectangle inside it.

As systematic as this all sounds, I usually am just making it up as I go along. I often run into problems that I didn’t think of when I started cutting, and I have to (A) try to fix it or (B) grumble a bit, learn from my mistakes, and print out a new picture…. :)

Some of my own

Here are a couple of the scrapbook pages that I used this technique on:

Me and my budd <3

Lined paper can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time. You can use the lines to keep everything straight… but no matter what I do, NOTHING IS EVER PERFECT!!! And the lines will point out the imperfections if one piece is too big, or if another was glued a hair to the right of where I wanted it. There’s NO winning! T-T

Girl's best friend, too.

Closer up, cuz I like this one :)

A More Elegant Memo Board

They weren’t any harder to make, but they look slightly less playful and slightly more professional.

These are the French memory boards that I made for my older sister. (These are excellent Christmas gift ideas. ;)  I matched them to the color of her wall and the color of her curtains, so that she would have some fluidity to her room. But even if the colors weren’t the same, these look less playfully teenish than the ones I made for myself. (In the picture, the wall appears blue, but it is really a minty green.)

D.S.’s memo boards

My sister likes fantasy novels, and her taste in jewelry usually shows that by having medallions, birds, and odd symbols. While I was looking for the right buttons, I wandered into the  jewelry-making aisle (is there a better name of that?? lol), and I found some inspiration. On each board, in the corner, I put a small collection of beads, trinkets, and medallions. The ones I used were pre-made, but if you like making jewelry, then you could create your own to make the board that much more unique.


A Tree!

The butterflies  weren’t exactly buttons, but they worked.

For instructions on how to make a French memory board or to see the other ones that I made, click here. The process is the same for these boards — it’s just the material that you choose and how you cut the board that changes.

I’ve seen memo boards hanging in offices, bedrooms, family rooms, and kitchens. They all look great!


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