College Diaries: Second Semester

I’m half way through my second semester and trying not to run out of energy before spring break. The time has gone by crazy fast! Sorry I haven’t written since forever! There hasn’t been a whole lot going on — same old, same old here in the college universe… oh, but there was that one thing that was kind of big……

A few life changes

I decided on a minor in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)… unfortunately I decided on this three weeks into the semester, so I had to jump into a linguistics class and an ESL (English as a Second Language) class on the last day that I was allowed to add a semester-length class. It was crazy trying to catch up with the work, but now the ESL is my favorite class :D

The other thing is that I am actually thinking of teaching *gasp* as a career option! haha. I never thought that I would want to teach chemistry, but as I thought about it, I realized that I didn’t really want to do anything else with it either… so I might as well teach it….. or I might just take that TESL certificate and run off to some other country to teach English for a year or two. ^_^  Ah, too many options to choose from.

Other stuff so that this won’t be a boring post

OK, I admit that I don’t have anything planned to put here…. So how about some doodles! :D The first is a doodle that I did during world religions class :D

I didn't mean to give her a black eye :\

I had only the left side of the face drawn first and the I decided that I wanted the other side, but I couldn’t match up the eyes right, so now one eye looks like someone punched it, and it is STILL smaller than the other one :/

To fix this, I did some editing on Picnik :D

.... is it too much?

I mean if your favorite photo editor is going to close down soon, and you’re going to edit a photo anyway, you might as well go all out on that photo, right? haha…. hum, maybe I should just go back to doing coffee cups…

a coffee cup on a coffee cup


College Diaries: This isn’t a game… is it?

I feel like I’m in a computer game. I am on the next-to-last level, facing the last three small bosses before the big boss at the end… I just need to survive the ruthless attacks with enough hp to face finals week! Goal of the game? To make it to Christmas. Luckily, there are a lot of health packs lying around, including Christmas music, hot chocolate, and random snacks. And there are, of course, friends who — if nothing else — encourage you along the way!

LOVE Claw... might just have to see if I can get it working again over Christmas break!


This has been a crazy first semester for me! Harder classes, new friends, a great church and small group, and a new-found use for caffeine.

I never thought that I would become one of the college zombies that survive on caffeine instead of sleep… but I have :( It just takes a whole lot LESS to keep me going than the other zombies. (^-^) One normal cup of joe, and I am bouncing off the walls! I just need a tiny amount to get me past the 7:00-9:00 o’clock hours, then I am good for the rest of the night (until about 8 in the morning, when my classes start).

Ok, so this was a kind of pointless post, but it is a good break from studying… for me anyway…. NOW, back to work!

College Diaries: Dorm Baking

About two months into the semester, one of the things that I was missing the most was baking. All the leaves were changing colors, and it was starting to cool down a bit. That is usually when I start baking everything I can find a recipe for. :)

Mom to the rescue!

About the same time I was missing having an oven, Mom sent me an e-mail with a link to a peanut butter cup recipe that only needed the microwave. first thing after midterms, I cooked them up for my Bible study small group. I don’t know if I can really call it baking… But I can definitely call it YUMMY!!

Easy Peanut Butter Cups Recipe!

(click on the picture to get the recipe).

I whipped these up in maybe half an hour. (I had to do some things, like melting the chocolate, twice, because of the  size of my microwavable bowls), and everyone loved them!!  The best part of baking is watching other people enjoy what you make!

I swirled the chocolate on top into the peanut butter just a bit.

You should try these. They were really easy and so good!

I was having trouble getting the globs of chocolate to spread once it had cooled down, so I used the tip of my spoon to swirl it into the peanut butter…. Just a warning: this job is a bit messier than it sounds at first :\ haha

Anyway, my small group loved them, and so will you!

College Diaries: Grabbing Five Minutes

Right now, I have four windows of Open Office, two windows of Firefox (both with multiple tabs going), and a three ring binder for physics all open in front of me. I have a long laundry list of things to do, and doing my laundry is, right now, at the very bottom… All this to say that I am settling in quite nicely at college. :P

I had exams last week and the week before that, and I have one next week, but I am free now, so let’s talk storage :D

What I do with my space

The thing that I was looking forward to the most about my new college was living in a dorm. Yes, I know that sounds NUTS! Living in a poorly-painted room smaller than some closets, with another person whom you don’t know at all, and sharing the bathroom with no less than 50 other girls…. not most people’s idea of a good time.

I admit that the whole bathroom thing grosses me out sometimes, but the cleaning staff is very nice and works hard…

But the room is everything I wanted it to be! Limited space, creating a nice challenge for the decorator in me. I think I did a good job, and I have room to spare :)

you're taking up clothing space? and not even for shoes?!

OK, this picture will not be winning any rewards for photography, but it gets the point across. The white thing is a flexible $3-$5 shoe holder from Target, and it is my favorite of the storage areas that I have come up with. Even though it is made from a very flexible material, it holds up very well, and it holds everything that I need. For the smaller things, like vitamin pills and hair pins, I bought thin trays that were divided into three compartments:

my drugs :P

These little trays slide perfectly into the shoe holder shelf and keep things where they need to be.

Let me draw your attention back to the first picture… no, not to the wrinkled shirt lying on top of the hangers… no, not the over-flowing laundry basket, either. See that little green basket in the bottom corner of the picture? That was from the $1 section of Target. See how it is covered in holes? They are perfect for sticking a toothbrush or a razor into. Compared to the $5 carrier that I bought the same day, which was designed for carrying all that stuff, this thing is AMAZING! It is just the right size to fit all of my stuff into, even my contact stuff, all at the same time, and it is slightly flexible, and it is small, so it is about 100 times less bulky to carry around.

Let’s talk decor

First thing I bought, decoration-wise, I’m not going to lie, was a 2PM poster :D

2PM :) ... oh look and my kitchen!

It was a bit of a splurge. The poster itself was cheap… but I had to ship it from Korea… :} haha I love it though! Let’s see, you can also see my magnetic dry erase board, and my pantry, as well as my kitchen.

time to study

I hadn’t quite gotten everything sorted out when I took this picture, but it is close enough. See how my french memo board fits so perfectly into that space? It’s like it was made to be there! Its great! And if you look closely at the computer… 2PM is playing!!! And a dorm room wouldn’t be complete without a Batman poster!

… but hmmm, that heavy-looking book on the desk reminds me, I need to be wrapping this up, rats!

OK! OK, just one more picture:

lost time is never found again

This is my clock. And what good is a clock, if you don’t put quotes about time on it?

Day n. A period of 24 hours, mostly misspent.

Lost time is never found again.


There’s time enough, but none to spare.

OK, that’s all for now. Back to homework, I guess. Bye!

College Diaries: Day 1

Buddy and Penguin chilling after a hard day's work of moving in.

Moving-in day was hot, humid, and crowded… and a little confusing. But a friendly group of four or five people helped me and my sister move my stuff inside, and after I got my key, I went to the seventh floor and was relieved to see my name on the door.

That was 1:30-ish. It then took me till 10 to finish unpacking everything, but I finally have a place for all my stuff and even found a few minutes to sit down and, after Facebooking of course, write a bit of this post. These 8 1/2 hours were broken up by dinner with my roommate and some of her friends, and by a floor meeting. The take-away point that I got from the floor meeting was, “DON’T set anything on fire!!!”

My roommate is from the UK, so that is really cool! We already found a GREAT similarity: We both LOVE The Importance of Being Earnest. A very wonderful and funny movie that I would recommend highly!! Haha, I think we will get along fine!

Anyway, I think I’m off to explore the dorm, see ya!

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