My Camera

my Canon

Since I’ve put several of my own pictures up, I thought I might make a short page about the camera I use ;).

With no flash on micro

With the flash on micro

It’s a Canon PowerShot A570 IS with 4x optical zoom (though I don’t use that a whole lot) and 7.1 mega pixels. It’s about three yeas old, I think. It’s got all that I need, so I’m happy with this camera.

For these three photos, I used Photomatix Basic 1.2 (just to crop and darken some). Other editors that I like include GIMP and Photo Impression (which came with the camera, I think, or with a printer, or both). Which program I use depends on if I’m working on Mom’s computer or mine and what exactly I’m doing to an image.

Edited 6/24/11 to say:

I recently got a new camera for my 21st birthday :D

I wanted a small but alright camera that I could take to school with me in the fall, so as to document all the crazy things that I will never tell my children about… lol, jk ;)


It is a Samsung ST65, 14.2 mefapixels, 5x zoom lens, 27mm wide, with HD movie recording 1280x720p….. I don’t know what I just said, but it sounds cool ;)

I’ve been playing around with this camera, and I like it quite a bit (takes a little bit of getting used to a new camera, though).

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