College Diaries: Dorm Baking

About two months into the semester, one of the things that I was missing the most was baking. All the leaves were changing colors, and it was starting to cool down a bit. That is usually when I start baking everything I can find a recipe for. :)

Mom to the rescue!

About the same time I was missing having an oven, Mom sent me an e-mail with a link to a peanut butter cup recipe that only needed the microwave. first thing after midterms, I cooked them up for my Bible study small group. I don’t know if I can really call it baking… But I can definitely call it YUMMY!!

Easy Peanut Butter Cups Recipe!

(click on the picture to get the recipe).

I whipped these up in maybe half an hour. (I had to do some things, like melting the chocolate, twice, because of the  size of my microwavable bowls), and everyone loved them!!  The best part of baking is watching other people enjoy what you make!

I swirled the chocolate on top into the peanut butter just a bit.

You should try these. They were really easy and so good!

I was having trouble getting the globs of chocolate to spread once it had cooled down, so I used the tip of my spoon to swirl it into the peanut butter…. Just a warning: this job is a bit messier than it sounds at first :\ haha

Anyway, my small group loved them, and so will you!


What To Do With All That Candy?

Between free candy from the dining hall and my R.A. coming through with reverse trick-or-treating, I have gathered a little stash of sugar laden goodies. (I was trying hard not to collect too much.)

As I did not want to be eating it for the rest of the week, Halloween night became candy night:

PB&C (peanut butter and candy)

This doesn’t take care of anything chewy, or the jaw breakers… but it tasted pretty good! This way I am not eating it for a week after, and I had to stay up till 4:00 am finishing physics homework anyway, so no worries about the sugar high :)

haha! That is how I spent Halloween. Hope you had a good day, whatever you did!

College Diaries: Grabbing Five Minutes

Right now, I have four windows of Open Office, two windows of Firefox (both with multiple tabs going), and a three ring binder for physics all open in front of me. I have a long laundry list of things to do, and doing my laundry is, right now, at the very bottom… All this to say that I am settling in quite nicely at college. :P

I had exams last week and the week before that, and I have one next week, but I am free now, so let’s talk storage :D

What I do with my space

The thing that I was looking forward to the most about my new college was living in a dorm. Yes, I know that sounds NUTS! Living in a poorly-painted room smaller than some closets, with another person whom you don’t know at all, and sharing the bathroom with no less than 50 other girls…. not most people’s idea of a good time.

I admit that the whole bathroom thing grosses me out sometimes, but the cleaning staff is very nice and works hard…

But the room is everything I wanted it to be! Limited space, creating a nice challenge for the decorator in me. I think I did a good job, and I have room to spare :)

you're taking up clothing space? and not even for shoes?!

OK, this picture will not be winning any rewards for photography, but it gets the point across. The white thing is a flexible $3-$5 shoe holder from Target, and it is my favorite of the storage areas that I have come up with. Even though it is made from a very flexible material, it holds up very well, and it holds everything that I need. For the smaller things, like vitamin pills and hair pins, I bought thin trays that were divided into three compartments:

my drugs :P

These little trays slide perfectly into the shoe holder shelf and keep things where they need to be.

Let me draw your attention back to the first picture… no, not to the wrinkled shirt lying on top of the hangers… no, not the over-flowing laundry basket, either. See that little green basket in the bottom corner of the picture? That was from the $1 section of Target. See how it is covered in holes? They are perfect for sticking a toothbrush or a razor into. Compared to the $5 carrier that I bought the same day, which was designed for carrying all that stuff, this thing is AMAZING! It is just the right size to fit all of my stuff into, even my contact stuff, all at the same time, and it is slightly flexible, and it is small, so it is about 100 times less bulky to carry around.

Let’s talk decor

First thing I bought, decoration-wise, I’m not going to lie, was a 2PM poster :D

2PM :) ... oh look and my kitchen!

It was a bit of a splurge. The poster itself was cheap… but I had to ship it from Korea… :} haha I love it though! Let’s see, you can also see my magnetic dry erase board, and my pantry, as well as my kitchen.

time to study

I hadn’t quite gotten everything sorted out when I took this picture, but it is close enough. See how my french memo board fits so perfectly into that space? It’s like it was made to be there! Its great! And if you look closely at the computer… 2PM is playing!!! And a dorm room wouldn’t be complete without a Batman poster!

… but hmmm, that heavy-looking book on the desk reminds me, I need to be wrapping this up, rats!

OK! OK, just one more picture:

lost time is never found again

This is my clock. And what good is a clock, if you don’t put quotes about time on it?

Day n. A period of 24 hours, mostly misspent.

Lost time is never found again.


There’s time enough, but none to spare.

OK, that’s all for now. Back to homework, I guess. Bye!

Three Seasons, One Building

Seasons are changing….. or at least they are supposed to be… The first day of autumn is the 23rd :) Maybe we will soon be out of this 90-100 degree weather!!

I took these pictures over a span of about three years. (How on earth do I not have one in spring? NO IDEA!)

This is our garage, one of them anyway. With ten acres, we have room for a few garages and several barns. Since it is summer, it doesn’t make much sense to wait till next spring to write this post just so that I can get a fourth season in. So here you go:




Not a lot to say — just thought I would share these pictures with you.

College Diaries: First Week

Found it!

This photo was taken during welcome week. It isn’t even close to all the freshmen, but it’s a few of us (and :P to all the people who walked out AS we were all going down to take the picture!! stinking party-poopers.) But since I couldn’t find this photo earlier, I thought I would throw it in here. I got it from the U of I facebook page.

On to the first week

Anyway, We have now made it through the first week of classes, and what a week it was. First day, I had a class moved to a building that I hadn’t even heard of before, hurt my tooth on a frozen Skittle, and was half an hour late to my first organic chem lab.

It might not be a fact widely known, but Skittles freeze REALLY quickly!! They couldn’t have been sitting on the frozen yogurt more than half a minute, but they were like eating rocks. Now it feels like something is stabbing  my mouth when I eat/drink something cold :(

After Math I have 10 minutes to get to my next class (org. chem), and that is plenty of time to get to the building and up to the third floor, where the class was supposed to be… but when I got there, there was a sign on the door with the initials of a new building and the room number in that building where the class had been moved. I finally found someone to ask and got to the room only a few minutes late. The class definitely would not have fit in that first room! Several people had to sit on the floor of the lecture room that we moved to as it was, and the first room was not a lecture room at all.

As for the late lab, I somehow messed up the “time for class to start” time as the “time to leave my doorm” time. I was sitting at my desk, happened to glanced at my scheduled, and realized that I had to be at the lab in five minutes. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. Waiting for the elevator, I realized that I had left my lab coat and goggles on my desk, and I wouldn’t be allowed in the lab without them. I ran back to my room, stuffed them in my bag and ran back to the elevator. The bus seemed to take forever to start going, and it seemed to stop everywhere!! But I eventually got there. The TAs didn’t really seem to mind, and once we started the experiment (which, being the first lab, I hadn’t missed any of), I was fine and could relax. But that was not my best day…. The laboratory is really cool, though!!

It’s the first weekend now, but that doesn’t lighten my load much. I have a LOT to read, homework to do, and suggested problems that wouldn’t be a bad idea to work through. So much for partying on the weekends, lol.

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